Design Podcasts to Listen to Now!

ID Collaborative blog post

After binge-listening to season one of Serial, I dove deep into the world of podcasts. I came across podcasts about history, food, reality tv, and more. However, the ones that have become my favorite are of course, about design. The discussions range from what is “in style” to the business of design. My knowledge of the design world has increased as I learn about the hottest brands, designers, and products. It is important to never stop learning and listening to podcasts is easy and you can do it anywhere. I like to listen while I drive to work or during my nightly walks in my neighborhood.

Here are a few design podcasts that I hope you will enjoy:

1) The Chaise Lounge
Nick May’s podcast highlights the business design by interviewing designers and detailing how they became successful. Nick wants to learn how his guests became successful in the interior design industry, and which best business practices they worked by to reach the top. Each podcast contains interesting pearls of wisdom. I’ve enjoyed this podcast the most because it has shown me what it takes to be successful in design. I’ve also learned about designers that are not taught in school or featured in Architectural Digest.

Where to Listen: (Also on iTunes)

2) A Well-Designed Business
LuAnn Nigara shares her 35 years of success in the interior design industry, and she finds the most successful guests to share their interior design business best practices. This podcast fills in the gaps and provides real life business skills from top interior designers. Each episode proves that you can’t succeed on skills alone, you must know how to run your business! Again, this is another podcast that teaches you what you don’t learn in school!

Where to Listen: iTunes

3) ArchiSpeak
Go inside the industry with architects Cormac Phalen, Neal Pann, and Evan Troxel, as they cover everything from the practical and the topical (studying for the Architectural Registration Examination, value engineering, the underrepresentation of women in the field) to the unusual (ways famous architects have died, architecture questions from third graders).

Where to Listen: (Also on iTunes)

4) 99% Invisible
Roman Mars hosts this weekly exploration of design and architecture, which dives into the creation of everyday items from flags to pinball machines and shares fascinating stories and historical reports on topics such as knock-off cities in China and bubble houses. This podcast illustrates how design is everywhere! I like this podcast because it is always short and sweet- about 20 minutes each episode.

Where to Listen: (Also on iTunes)

5) Million Dollar Decorating
While the name might suggest a merely fun podcast about luxury design, Million Dollar Decorating is much more! James Swan’s podcast celebrates design, decorating, and beautiful living while highlighting business practices and design trends in residential and commercial interiors. Every episode is inspiring and I make sure to tune in every week.

Where to Listen: (Also on iTunes)