Don’t just sit there! Move WITH your desk!

ID Collaborative blog post

So I am watching an episode of SoCosmo-the reality TV show that follows the lives of personal and professional lives of several young people working for the American woman’s magazine Cosmopolitan –and there pops up a scene with then editor Joanna Coles. She is taking a meeting with one of her staff member which is common fodder for this workplace as High School drama “unscripted” show. What is unusual is athletic nature of this encounter…Joanna Coles is advising her cohort on inner office politics while walking-in spike heels no less-on her treadmill desk.

Forget the technology, the cubical, the office ping pong matches, it is the desk that is on the move. The variation most commonly seen and increasingly requested by our clients is the standing desk.

The toll of the eight hour day spent sitting at a desk comes at a cost to the body. Health risks range from obesity and back problems to heart disease and other complications related to this sedentary behavior. Institutions from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University to the American Society of Interior Design are studying and weighing in with their analysis of the health benefits of this adjustable desk option also known sit-stand desks. For now the only focus on treadmill desk seems to be by Hollywood power figures, both real and fictional.

Few office workers realize that adjustable desks have been around since the 80”s. There are now plenty of options on the market but they basically fall into three categories: hand-crank, electric and counter-balanced. Most design professionals recommend electric but also advise to rethink add on devices to fixed-height desks and to remember consideration of keying surface and monitor adjustments.

The overall message here should be the benefits realized by moving more throughout the day in our office environments. Let your desk rise to the occasion!

See photo examples of Height-Adjustable benches by Tecknion and Kinetic Desk F1 from Stir.