Why Go Quartz for Countertops

ID Collaborative blog post

For what seems like forever if you wanted a quality countertop, granite was the standard. That has changed!

Every countertop material has it pros and cons… until now. Solid surface is essentially plastic and can melt when exposed to high heat. Laminate deteriorates over tile as the underside particle board is exposed to moisture. Granite is natural stone and needs to be sealed and cleaned with special cleaners or the surface will develop a haze that is nearly impossible to remove. Granite also requires that huge chunks of rock are blasted from the sides of mountains.

Here comes quartz. Manufacturers mine ground quartz and combine it with resins in a stew, then pour it into slabs. As more companies jump on the bandwagon the price has been coming down in recent years so that it is only slightly more than granite.

Never needs to be sealed
No special cleaners required
Very hard/durable
Scratch resistant
More environmentally friendly

The variety of quartz options has exploded recently.

From White marble looks, to dramatic stone looks, to vibrant colors.

Quartz can do it all, with no maintenance and less environmental impact.