Harnessing Daylight

ID Collaborative blog post

From homes to hospital patient rooms to classrooms, daylight is a huge factor for design as it impacts wellbeing, promotes health and healing, encourages learning, and creates inviting spaces that people are drawn to naturally.

Daylight has a large part to play in everyday design, but a new idea is playing out in New York City for how to harness daylight and create spaces where the benefits can be enjoyed right in the middle of an urban setting. An underground park, called Lowline, is being designed to utilize sunlight in a new type of skylight.

In a New York City is preparing to bring a new advancement to the playing field with the Lowline Underground Park that is designed to utilize sunlight and create spaces of vegetation in an underground setting, in areas of infrastructure that is not being used.

(Photo Credit: http://www.planetexperts.com/the-lowline-will-redefine-civic-space-with-the-worlds-first-solar-lit-underground-park)

This idea also has potential not only for reclaiming abandoned infrastructure areas in cities, but also widens the scope of potential for building renovations that could benefit from daylight penetrating interior areas and lower floors.

Creativity in design and sustainability continues to pave new exiting possibilities for the future!