Senior Living Solutions – Masland’s Answer to Designers’ Carpet Woes

ID Collaborative blog post

As designers, we’re typically at the mercy of the ‘running line’, or standard, products that carpet manufacturers develop, produce and market to us. A great deal of research and development is invested in each and every new collection a manufacturer launches. As designers, we eagerly await each new launch, particularly those aimed at the senior living market, hoping that this collection will be one that hits all the right pattern, color and performance marks. At IDC, we’ve found that this is a pretty challenging mark to hit. Perhaps the patterns are interesting and offer a good range in scale, but the colorations may be muddy and dull. Or, maybe there are one or two vibrant colorations that would work perfectly, but not enough variation in pattern to allow you to use the same carpet collection throughout the building. And though many manufacturers offer the ability to custom color running line patterns, there are always minimum yardage requirements that are often too high to meet for a phased senior living renovation project. As a result, we typically end up pulling one or two products from Manufacturer A, then searching long and hard for a few other solutions from Manufacturers B and C and possibly D that coordinate in style, pattern and color.

The design team at Masland picked up on this struggle within the senior living design market and has recently launched a new program called “Senior Living Solutions” to address the concerns. The new program is essentially a hybrid of running line and custom products. It offers the performance, quality, and budget of running line products while also maintaining the flexibility of customization at reasonable yardage requirements.

A collection of patterns, the program allows designers to select a category of either 3-color, 4-color, or 5-color patterns. Within that category, designers can select the patterns that will work for their project. Each category offers at least a dozen pattern options, with Masland adding more to the collections all the time. Perhaps you’d like a small scale pattern for the corridors, a medium scale coordinate for accent insets, and a large scale pattern for open common areas such as a dining room. All that’s left to do is select your colors! Depending on the category, you select the three, four or five colors that are right for your project. Masland offers suggestions of color combinations, but designers can select any yarn combination from their extensive pom set. So what’s the catch? All that Masland requires is a 500 square yard minimum. Note, that’s 500 square yards total, for all three patterns combined, not 500 square yards per pattern. That’s a reasonable minimum even for many phased renovation projects!

While IDC has not yet had the opportunity to take advantage of Masland’s new program, we hope to in the near future. We’re excited about this creative solution and the new direction that it may take the senior living market.