Three Favorites for this Week

ID Collaborative blog post

Here our three designs to inspire your week:

1) After focusing on a health care project, I have been on a quest for innovative and exciting wall and floor details that are not only aesthetically pleasing but improve efficiency, wayfinding, and traffic flow. This hallway found in a health care facility in Turkey, utilizes light, color, and geometric shapes to provide excitement and fun.

2) I love manipulating geometric shapes to highlight focal points in a space. This café in a Shanghai office is just amazing. The tile that leads you from the entrance to the café counter draws you in and invites you to purchase a coffee or snack and enjoy the cool interior.

3) I am obsessed with ceiling treatments. The mix of geometric shapes (one of my favorite design elements if you can’t tell) and wood brings life and intimacy into this San Jose office space. As an advocate of biophilic design, I enjoy the addition of wood to the ceiling provides warmth and creates a feeling of the outside indoors which is proven to enhance the work atmosphere and increase morale and efficiency.