American National Part 1: 3Form & Custom Millwork

ID Collaborative blog post

We are excited to unveil the new prototype for American National Bank branches. American National Bank’s tradition of relationship banking dates back over a century to its founding in 1909. Started by H. O. Kerns to serve the community of Danville, Virginia, American National has grown from a single office on Main Street to a full-service bank with 27 branches in two states. American National Bank is aware that the way people bank is changing, banking has taken to technology. The days of waiting in a teller line are in the past.

We talked at length with the folks at American National Bank about their services and values and how they see those taking shape as they move forward. They wanted their customers to feel impacted by the openness of the space. It was important that the client’s perception of transparency in design related to the transparent and honest way that American National works with each client.

We did away with the traditional teller counter and used teller pods instead. This removed the traditional queue that customers usually have to stand in, giving them a more personal experience with the teller. All the millwork was custom designed by IDC for this particular location. We used back-lit 3Form to give these pods a modern twist. We used glass walls for all of the offices to promote engagement between customers and other staff.