Design for All

ID Collaborative blog post


The field of design is unfortunately, and oftentimes dubbed to be a luxury service, but here at IDC, we are constantly working towards educating the consumer about design equity. Everyone deserves to live in a space, not just tailored to their everyday needs, evokes a welcome, and tells the story of home each time they walk in. ID Collaborative has had several projects where we were given the opportunity to give a space that tells the story of an under-recognized community of people. In the project, “Sir Walter Apartments” in Raleigh, NC, we partnered with the client to tear down the notion that ‘high-design = high-dollars.’ We brought this historic, affordable housing building back to life by focusing on the needs and the narrative of its residence and the structure. Reimagining how someone experiences this space proved to be a fascinating task. We wanted to give the common areas a sophisticated, calming concept so that the residents have a safe and comfortable place to rest and congregate with other residents. By focusing on a blue and neutral color palette we gave the scenes a sense of certainty and safety, using furniture styles that would appeal to the multigenerational and multicultural residents there. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to experience how a well-designed space is achievable for all people, so that they too have better quality in their everyday life.