Epoxy Grout, not just for commercial applications!

ID Collaborative blog post

When it comes to tile installations, grout tends to be the biggest challenge. Typically when a tile installation fails it is not the tile that fails, it’s the grout cracking to pieces. When a shower floor gets covered in mildew, it’s the grout that is difficult to clean. What if you could have grout that was as stain proof as tile? You can!

For years Epoxy grout has been the standard for commercial applications. Epoxy grout is made of an aggregate, resin, and hardener and once cured is completely non-porous. That means that it is always cleanable back to its original color. In terms of cost, epoxy grout will add about $1/SF to the cost of your project. The material itself is more expensive and the labor to install it is more because of the additional cleaning steps

Epoxy grout haze can be a challenge. If the epoxy is not wiped down completely at least 2 times with a vinegar and water solution, it can leave a haze that is nearly impossible to remove. Make sure when selecting an installer that they have experience using this specialized product, or that they are willing to learn.

Epoxy grouts come in all of the same colors as regular grouts, and most tile companies stock them. So for your next tile installation, even in your home, consider investing in a maintenance free, stain proof grout.

Large Panel Thin Porcelain Panels

Tile technology has progressed to the point where they are not making 5 foot by 10 foot panels. They are very thin as well, less than 3/8” thick, so they do not add a huge amount of weight or thickness to your project.

They can be used on floors, walls, shower walls, and even as countertops. Using high definition printing companies are scanning slabs of real natural stone and then reproducing almost identical copies. They choose only the most perfect, beautiful slabs so you never have to worry about the unpredictability of natural stone. You can now have a seamless white marble look shower that is completely non-porous and maintenance free. They can even book-match slabs!