First Colonial Inn

ID Collaborative project-spotlight

First Colonial Inn is a senior living community located in Virginia Beach, VA, providing both independent living and assisted living care.  The recent renovation of the dining and public spaces was driven by the desire to keep residents engaged and to create a greater sense of community and connection among both residents and associates. 

To accomplish this, the design team opened up walls throughout the lobby, reception and dining areas, creating transparency in these spaces and promoting more meaningful social interaction. The receptionist, previously isolated behind a wall, is now readily accessible to greet visitors and residents alike. 

The dining area, once a large expanse offering a single dining experience, has been crafted into three distinct areas, empowering residents with more personal choice, and also providing functional spaces for a wide variety of activities.  The Formal Dining room invites residents to share an intimate meal with family and friends. 

Designed with glass doors and shutters, this area maintains an open feel, but offers the flexibility to become a distinct space for private functions.  The Bistro’s display kitchen allows for regular cooking demonstrations, bringing the sights, sounds and smells of cooking out of the kitchen and into the residents’ world.  Additionally, the Bar and Lounge now serves as the place to watch the big game,  the home of happy hours and the venue for musical entertainment.  These spaces augment opportunities for residents to gather, drawing them out of their rooms and into much-needed community with others.