Glenaire bistro

The Glenaire Retirement Community completed the 1,500 square foot renovation of their Creekside Bistro in May of 2019. Our team worked closely with the resident community to showcase the positive elements of their original dining venue such as the beautiful view, community feel, and laidback atmosphere. IDC was able to create a flexible space that function, by day, as a lunch café and a candlelit, evening venue through our use of a neutral color palette with pops of color. Pilasters create architectural interest and frame the view to the trees and creek below. The addition of banquette seating defines more intimate seating areas, while relocating the piano help delineate their informal lounge area. The transformation of the dining area and corridor lounge adds color and personality to the space while maintaining its connection to the greater Glenaire community aesthetic.

2019 – Cary, NC