How Covid-19 is Shaping Senior Living Architecture & Design

ID Collaborative blog post

As the summer comes to a close and the end of Covid-19 seems uncertain, Architects and Designers in the Senior Living sector are looking towards how the pandemic will shape these communities in the future. While senior living providers across the country work to alter their normal operations to prevent the spread of Covid-19, many are relying on technology as a tool to connect their residents with their family members and doctors. Moving forward, senior living communities will be designed to keep these scenarios in mind in order to support these necessary technologies for our new “normal”. Keeping the community’s population in their rooms protects residents, but it also cuts out the socialization, which is key to keep the residents and their community vibrant and full. Many architects and designers will be shifting to smaller, more intimate styles of senior housing instead of “downgrading” to more institutional layouts, like in the past. To avoid these disruptions in the future, more providers are opting for designs that emphasize socializing in smaller groups, like pocket neighborhood communities or villages. IDC is doing this with Twin Lakes Community’s new skilled care building, as it is separated into smaller neighborhoods with their own living and dining areas. This design will make it easier for areas to be sectioned or closed off if needed, instead of bringing entire communities to a full halt. Also, the selection of new materials that are more resistant to pathogens will be on the forefront of designer’s minds.