IDC’s River Landing at Sandy Ridge Renovation is Featured on the Brintons Website!

ID Collaborative blog post

When we want a carpet with a luxiurious, high-end look and extreme durability, we look to Brintons. Why? According to their website, “Brintons has been at the forefront of the global woven carpet industry for more than 230 years.” If they’ve been doing this for 230 years, I think they know what they’re doing by now. Their axminster weaving technique sets the stage for ultimate durability by locking the yarns into the backing, as well as allowing for more complex patterns within the carpets. Their yarn offerings – 80% wool/20% nylon, or 100% solution-dyed nylon – are industry standards in the commercial sector, and in the case of wool you have the added benefits of cleaner air and lowered chances of yarn crushing. And let’s not forget the colors! They have an expansive color range with a variety of undertones, which is key in creating a rich look with lots of depth.

River Landing at Sandy Ridge, a retirement community in Colfax NC, previously had woven carpet installed in their IL buildings on campus and saw how well it had performed over the past 13 years. So when ID Collaborative was called in to renovate the interiors, the owner expressed an interest to install woven carpet again and IDC knew that Brintons was the right manufacturer for the job. From working with us to edit colorations (including a shade of yellow not offered in their standard yarn box!) to changing pattern scales, Brintons helped us achieve the high-end transitional look we were after. Check out the project here!