River Landing Dining Renovation

2018 – Colfax, NC

River Landing at Sandy Ridge, a quiet campus nestled in Colfax, NC, is a CCRC dedicated to providing a variety of experiences on campus with the best of service. When the time came to renovate their traditional dining room, this same philosophy was applied, and the outcome is unique to the Senior Living dining model. The existing expansive dining room (including a buffet room occupying a large amount of real estate), and pre-function living room were divided into 4 dining rooms: The Water’s Edge (Americana Dining), The Wayfarer (International Dining), The Tidewater Room (Private Dining), and the Deep River Coffee & Creamery (a Coffee & Gelato shop). These new dining venues not only allow for a new look, but also a new service model and an increase in the variety of food offerings daily. The Wayfarer (International Dining) creates a new experience in particular, with reservations-only fine dining cuisine tailored to the restaurant’s featured country or region of the month and digital artwork that also changes with the theme.