Mill 800

ID Collaborative blog post, project-spotlight

The development of Mill 800 Apartments involved the historic renovation of Winston-Salem’s Chatham Mill factory, originally built in 1907 for textile manufacturing. Tise-Kiester Architects out of Durham, NC designed the renovation of the complex, bringing ID Collaborative in to space plan, furnish and provide the finishing touches for all of the common areas throughout the apartments. Conceptually, the desire was to preserve the industrial architectural integrity of the building, while also providing residents with comfortable, inviting amenity spaces that would perform as required.

Because the design intent was to preserve the industrial feel of the original textile factory, the finish palette for the renovation was very neutral, consisting mainly of cool grays, natural wood tones and textures, red brick and dark metals. As the complex is actually a combination of multiple buildings, the corridors can seem like a maze to the unfamiliar visitor. Since adding bright accent paints in the corridors was not an option, ID Collaborative utilized vibrant and interesting artwork at critical points in the corridors to assist with wayfinding.

IDC was also challenged to introduce fresh color and vibrancy through the furniture selections while utilizing primarily quick-ship options and styles that were in keeping with the industrial mill aesthetic. The selections strive for a balance between the distressed and the fresh, the rustic and the sleek, the industrial and the modern.

ID Collaborative utilized custom artwork by local photographer Jeff Silkstone throughout the building complex. All of the photographs used in Mill 800 are images taken of the mill itself before and during the construction process. ID Collaborative selected images that captured unique elements of the building, such as unexpected colors, textures, natural elements, and striking perspectives.

IDC also specified key sculptural pieces in the public areas. The game tables provided in the lounge are not your typical pool and foosball equipment. These unique pieces are crafted of distressed hardwoods and iron. The designs are industrial and rustic, perfectly suitable against a time-worn brick wall.

ID Collaborative worked in conjunction with several local artists and makers to create signature pieces for the project. The desk in the Main Lobby is actually crafted from doors found on site during the construction process by local wood-worker JonJo Evans of The Woodshed in Winston-Salem. The low cocktail tables are welded from the industrial fans used in the mill while it was still operational. ID Collaborative worked closely with Greensboro sculptor Jim Gallucci to create these unique conversation pieces.