Isiah Powers

Alice Matthews

Isiah started his career at Savannah College of Art and Design studying architecture as his major; however, when he was starting his internship with IDC he knew that this could be a place that he could fit in. He has now joined our team as a fellow designer, and is excited to be able to practice under such experienced and talented designers around the firm. Isiah has been surrounded by the building arts his entire life. With his father working in construction, he learned very valuable lessons working with his father through high school. Isiah got to start learning the building-design process by starting at the end doing construction. Then, as his mother was an Interior Designer, he was able to apprentice with her to learn the design portion of the process.

Isiah has hopes of creating physical environments that promote mental stimulation and encourages innovation. He believes in the power of influence design has on our everyday life, and is dedicated and inspired to be a part of the next generation of designers. Isiah has already had the opportunity to introduce the potential art and design could have to young, impressionable children in impoverished countries. He has traveled to Kenya, Guatemala, and Greece as part of relief groups and mission’s work.

Isiah has many loves outside of design: he loves to travel and do things that give him an adrenaline rush, he also loves to experience new methods of creating art and trying new foods.