Warren Kessler

Warren KesslerAccording to North Carolina native son, Thomas Wolfe, “You can’t go home again”, but that is exactly what Warren has done. After spending ten years pursuing other avenues of Interior Design, Warren is back with ID Collaborative. Once again he brings into play his dual degrees in Interior Design and Textile/Apparel Design.

As in his previous incarnation at ID Collaborative, Warren is Project Manager for our Senior Living Studio. His past experience includes work in Commercial, Retail, Banking, Hospitality as well Medical design.

He likes focusing on the “end user” aspect of each project by constantly questioning how our clients use their built environment. From the initial space planning to the placing the last accessory, he thoroughly enjoys the whole design process.

At ID Collaborative we are often part of a team: client, architect, supplier, builder and it is in this team environment that Warren thrives. The award winning Magnolia Glen in Raleigh is an example of just such a partnership and is a personal source of pride for him.