Product Spotlight: Celliant by Designtex – A Textile Revolution

ID Collaborative blog post


Celliant is a textile backing from Designtex that is clinically proven to harness and recycle a person’s energy, which provides a boost of energy and improves overall wellbeing. The human body naturally gives off about 100 watts of energy every second. As our body emits energy, the textile absorbs the energy and converts it into infrared, which is proven to promote local circulation and cell oxygenation, which is known to aid in healing. After this energy is “recycled”, or turned into infrared, it is reflected back to the body and absorbed into the skin. This harnessed energy can increase energy, speed recovery, and can improve the body’s ability to regulate its temperature. Since Celliant is a backing, it increases the durability of the fabric and will never wear out or wash off. Celliant is also manufactured with sustainability in mind.