Product Spotlight: Interface’s New Flooring Collection Is Incorporating Revolutionary Science

ID Collaborative blog post

All materials shape the way we perceive the world and our relation to it. Haptics, the science of touch, is one of the sensory inputs that can be an influential tool for designers when choosing the materials in a space. One of the first sensory connections we have is to material, so it is important to use this opportunity to create memorable connections to materials which will create more meaningful experiences in the built environment.
Interface’s latest LVT and Carpet Flooring Collection, Look Both Ways, showcases this by re-imagining materials like concrete and terrazzo, in their raw forms these materials aren’t as useable to designers due to cost and durability. With this new collection, designers have the option to pair hard and soft surface tiles to create unique flooring patterns that evoke a memorable experience. As a carbon neutral product, Look Both Ways is an excellent solution.