Senior Living Design Trends 2019 – How do we make the aging population feel at home?

ID Collaborative blog post

With urban communities popping up everywhere, senior living communities are also booming and need to be integrated into these communities. Below are some concepts that are being done in Senior Living design to make the aging population feel at home and become a part of a community.
1. Shifting to communities that actually feel like a residence continues to be important to today’s senior. Creating a sense of history and pride of place within a space is key when designing for these communities.
2. Bars and self-serve stations are on the rise in senior living communities. These stations give the residents flexibility and independence in making selections.
3. With consumer demand for products to meet the requirements for seniors, more aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture and products will be available.
4. Many communities are also taking advantage of open floor plans within the shared spaces and in resident units. Every activity doesn’t need its own specific room anymore.
5. While spaces that serve multiple functions are still popular in these communities, designers are looking at ways to combine amenities instead of just creating large spaces to serve as “multi-purpose rooms”. Combining spaces like the library and coffee shop or a bistro and wine bar creates more useable and likable space.
6. Custom pieces tailored to meet the needs of seniors are also becoming more popular.