Tates Creek Village & Milliken Theory 2.0

ID Collaborative blog post

We recently wrapped up a project in Lexington, KY involving the clubhouse at Tates Creek Village Apartments. Some things turned out well, other things turned out really well, and we are in LOVE with Milliken’s Theory 2.0 collection. This stuff looks absolutely fantastic installed. Here’s the run down:

From the Milliken website:

– There are 9 patterns. Each pattern comes in 16 colorways. Each colorway has 10-ish variations. Which means there are over 7,300 possible combinations!!!

– The modular tiles are 1 meter x 1 meter

– Tufted Texture Loop Construction with Nylon Type 6,6 Fiber.

– It’s available with something called TractionBack® technology – a modular carpet backing that is less costly, environmentally superior, faster and easier to use compared to wet adhesives or peel and stick adhesives.

– Theory 2.0 is Carbon-Negative product, PVC Free carpet tile – Milliken sequesters more Carbon than they emit as a manufacturer – Thanks Milliken!!

I have a single navy colored Theory 2.0 carpet tile at my house that we’ve been using as a door mat. I can personally say that this stuff wears like a champion. I have a corgi that basically sheds enough fur to make another corgi every other week. While the rest of house is furry, this carpet never shows any signs of our doggy roommate, or any other dirt for that matter. Which is really convenient since this carpet is the first thing most people see when they come over.

Some images from our install:

Some product images:

About Milliken

“Milliken is an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. Our community of innovators has developed one of the larger collections of United States patents held by a private U.S. company. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines including specialty chemical, floor covering, and performance materials, we work around the world every day to add true value to people’s lives, improve health and safety, and make this world more sustainable. For more information, visit www.milliken.com.”