Products We Love: TruLine Plaster-In LED Systems from Pure Lighting

ID Collaborative blog post

I saw an ad for this product in a recent issue of Architectural Lighting. We have not used this product on any of our projects, but I’d really like to in the future. The TruLine systems were designed to blend seamlessly into 5/8″ drywall without joist modification. Only a clean line of light shines through, allowing for horizontal, vertical, diagonal or geometric runs across multiple planes. I think these images speak for themselves:

From Pure Lighting’s website:

“TruLine 1.6 5W 24VDC Plaster-In LED System creates a clean line of glare free general illumination within drywall. The linear LED system features a shallow .6 inch deep plaster in aluminum extrusion no thicker than drywall that houses two 2.5 watt rows of high CRI commercial grade white LED Soft Strip. Its 1.6 inch wide diffuser lens projects a clean line of light without LED dots. System mounts directly to studs without joist modification. TruLine is sold in 1 foot increments up to 40 feet at 5 watts per foot, 95+ CRI, in 2700K Very Warm White or 3000K Warm White color temperature, delivering 40 lumens per watt or 243 lumens per foot. 50,000 hour average lamp life.

TruLine extrusion may be field cut. LED Soft Strip may be cut every 2.4 inches. TruLine runs in a straight line. The LED strip bends along the LED plane, allowing runs to continue from a wall onto a ceiling. Intersecting runs on the same wall require two separate TruLine systems. System includes TruLine 1.6 channels, end caps, LED Soft Strip, TL1.6 special junction box (quantity 2) and all mounting hardware. Fixture includes a 5 year warranty. Made in USA. Indoor use only.”