But where are the Queen Anne dining chairs?

ID Collaborative blog post

We have read that “80 may be the new 60”. That may be a disrespectful sound bite, but it does speak to the rising expectations and agenda of the senior population. With 10,000 people turning 65 every day the demand for better facilities is in a growth phase. This competition coming from the baby boomers means dated interiors are just that…dated. As Dean Maddalena, president of StudioSIX5 says, “People have always had a certain perception of what senior living is; its’ always been the Queen Anne matching furniture with paisley tapestry. But people don’t want that any more.”

Increasingly we are seeing that senior living facilities are moving from the outskirts of town to more urban centers. One such example is our project The Cardinal at North Hills. Set in an area becoming known as Raleigh’s Midtown, The Cardinal is surrounded by upscale hotels, numerous dining venues, and boutique shops. The senior residents patronize these businesses while rubbing shoulders with twenty and thirty something apartment dwellers. All this leads to a dynamic “city within a city”.

The interiors of The Cardinal needed to reflect this spirt along with the increased services sought out by the “new” senior customer…more dining options, personal services, and wellness options. Before there was a main dining room, now there is a sister Bistro and take away service. The Salon now includes massage, facials, manicures and pedicures. The Wellness facilities are now expanded to include an outdoor Yoga/meditation space and individual trainers.

The results are interiors that rival those aforementioned neighboring high end hotels.
Check in with the concierge and we think you will see this is not the “floral sofa” retirement center of yesterday…