Water-jet Mosaics

ID Collaborative blog post

Water-jet cutters can be used to cut just about anything, but some of the most beautiful results come from when they are used to create decorative mosaics. Stone, glass, and porcelain are all used to create intricate designs that can be endlessly customized. The level of precision to create unique and complex shapes is groundbreaking.

Most water-jet machines use water at speeds about 2,300 MPH or about 40 times the speed of a pressure washer. Because this process takes such specialized machinery, the cost of water-jet cut mosaics range from $65 to $250/SF depending on the manufacturer and material. Companies like New Ravenna and Artistic Tile have built their business on being able to customize anything, with any material, at any scale, all designed and produced specifically for individual customers.




From whimsical to simply breathtaking, as cliché as it is, the limit is your imagination.