The Importance and Benefits of Wayfinding in a Commercial Space

ID Collaborative blog post

Something often over-looked in our big-picture-driven society is the end users experience in the built environment. Getting people from point A to point B isn’t always an easy task, and creative and practical wayfinding does exactly that.
Some benefits of using wayfinding in your design are:
1. Creating a sense of place – Instead of overwhelming a visitor with all the information at once, the use of creative wayfinding helps the visitor explore the space on their own and in their own way.
2. Creating an easy and natural visitor experience – When good design meets a good wayfinding strategy, an organic and seamless experience is created for the visitor.
3. Branding opportunities – Not only is wayfinding necessary for the visitor to get where they’re going, but it is also a great opportunity to showcase the brand and story of a space. Building and showcasing a brand is the cornerstone of a successful business or company.
4. Saving time and headaches – Successful wayfinding leads to a positive experience for the visitor because it saves them time and gives them peace of mind. If someone was easily able to find their way around a space they have never been before, they are more willing to return.