Construction Phase

Contract administration (CA) services are provide for IDC to remain engaged throughout the construction process of the project. CA services often begin with our joining the construction team at on-site meeting through the duration of the construction to answer questions or issues that may arise during the day to day construction. These questions can be handled with RFI- Requests for Information- to address any particular trades questions to better clarify the design intent of our IDC plans. In the event there are unforeseen issues that arise on site, further definition and response may result in a Change Order- to allow the owner to determine how best to proceed.

Typically our IDC Construction Phase includes seeing the project through to completion and we are present to attend a final “punch list” walk through of the completed space to make note of any outstanding issues that need contractor attention or touch up, prior to the owner taking possession of the space. IDC ensures that the project is completed to meet our exemplary quality of standards and expectations.