Before beginning the design process, it is critical for IDC to clearly define the scope of work, budget, and the owner’s goals and vision for the project. The programming phase at IDC includes a range of services that allow our designers to gather data that will inform their design decisions throughout the project. This process looks different for various industries, but could potentially include interviews with end users, employees, residents and/or leadership. Programming may involve the review of existing floor plans, organization charts and/or flow charts to identify ways a new design could improve productivity and streamline processes. Ultimately, IDC’s goal through programming is to establish a clear understanding of project expectations as we move into the schematic design phase.


Upon request, IDC is able to provide the owner with a program report that identifies project goals, individual space allocations and overall square footage requirements.  During this phase, IDC can also produce valuable tools such as adjacency diagrams, blocking and stacking plans to identify critical relationships within the organization.  If applicable, IDC also provides typical layouts for areas such as workspaces or guest/resident rooms to help facilitate the early stages of space planning.