Why Hire an NCIDQ Certified Designer?

ID Collaborative blog post

The right mix of specialists on a project can save you time and money—and reduce your liability, too. Make sure you require the same level of competence from your interior designers as you do from the architectural, engineering and other building professionals on your team.

All NCIDQ Certified Designers have been educated, trained and examined to protect public health, safety and welfare. When you hire an NCIDQ Certified Designer, you hire a professional with proven knowledge, experience and proficiency in the interior design principles of protecting the public health, safety and welfare.

CIDQ is made up of U.S. and Canadian regulatory boards, and we take our responsibility to protect the public seriously. NCIDQ Certified Designers have completed a minimum of six years of specialized education and experience and passed a rigorous three-part exam based on CIDQ’s independent, comprehensive analysis of the profession and the daily practice of interior designers in a range of settings.

The NCIDQ Certification meets the interior design profession’s legal and regulatory standards established by over half of the U.S. states and Canadian provinces. That makes it the highest qualification in the industry.

Did you know that for a designer to put IIDA after their name on a business card or other signature line, they must have passed the NCIDQ?